Find your cool party-size villa for sun-filled holiday

Travelling to Bali with a whole entourage? Looking for a sprawling villa to host some special celebration? Or looking for a fantastic family retreat? An eight-bedroom villa will suit you excellently. High-end service, unforgettable views, cool amenities for families with kids and generous inclusions are just some of the advantages the private villa offers. Take your holiday to a new level with us.

Wake up to the sound of the surf, make the morning coffee and feel the first breeze on your skin… stay in a beachfront villa and get your every dose of the sea. Witness mesmerising sunsets over the ocean as the day turns to night and get lullabied by the crashing waves just steps away from your bedroom. Stay one night in a private oceanfront villa, and you will never stay in a hotel again.

Nothing spells more thrilling than taking your family for a holiday to Bali. The Island of Gods boasts fantastic spots for kids and adults alike, so your family will never get bored! And the best way to explore the island is staying in a private villa where the professional and discreet staff will cater to your every need and help to arrange anything from excursions to meals to in-villa activities.

Get your dream wedding in one of our fabulous villas tailor-made to give you unforgettable memories about that special day. Spacious, our properties can easily host family and friends under the same roof offering generous inclusions, modern amenities, high-end service and discreet staff who will cater to your every need helping in arranging the ceremony and bachelorette party.


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